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Every Word Comes Like a Silent Stream

because we all need something to make it through

The Great Supernatural Catch Up!
Last year at this time I found myself suddenly falling behind on watching Supernatural. Before I realized months had past, I had intended to catch up by watching the episodes on casttv.com which has the majority of Season 5 online for free. However, the last episode I saw was Swap Meat 5.12, and My Bloody Valentine 5.13 is not available for free watching.

Does anyone know where I can either watch or download this episode? I would like to catch up so I can start watching current episodes. Because I'm so far behind I haven't been reading any fanfic lately for fear of being spoiled.

Any help would be totally awesome!


Christian Fucking Kane
Yes, I'm posting again in only 3 days. This time about an actual Fandom topic!

We all know that fans like to give Jensen and Jared nicknames. For instance we don't know if Jensen is ever called Jenny or Jen, but we have heard Jared call him Jense in interviews. For some reason this nickname hasn't made a big impact on FanFic.

Jared being called Jay maybe a real thing, I haven't done much research into it. We have heard that his family calls or called him JT.

Now on to the purpose of this post.

Christain Kane. In fiction he almost always goes by just Chris. I've watched a ton of interviews by Christian and heard Jensen and others call him Christian. I have not yet heard anyone call him Chris.

My question is, has anyone read or seen an interview where Christian is called Chris?

I'm just curious and thought maybe there would be some fans out there that could help me find out!

MY Shop is OPEN
So, apparently I have not posted anything to my own LJ in 87 WEEKS! How does that happen?

Well, I am posting now to let anyone who cares, and probably a few who don't, that I have opened an Etsy Shop to sell my handcrafted jewelry like items.

Everything you see there I have designed and made with my own two hands! So please stop by and if you don't personally like/wear jewelry please pass it along to any friends or family that may...also you can always buy something pretty for that someone special, or you sister or your mom...you get my drift.

SO here is me pimping the h*** out of my stuff!

Click the pic below:

Or go to www.daelansfancy.com

Thanks for "listening"!


Making a Wish list...
So I was making a gift wish list for my Birthday and Xmas, just now I found something I desperately want to add but it's a bit pricey for what it is...

I really want this! Is it sad that I would pay that price for it? Especially considering I'm a die hard Ford fan! :o)

Now I'm trying to decide which friend/family member will be willing to feed my obsession by purchasing this Beautiful replica for me...

November 10th!
So I feel exceptionally stupid! My friend and I were making plans to see Steve Carlson in concert. I wanted to see him when he was in Nashville this month but it didn't work out with my class schedule. So we decided to fly to Chicago for his Nov. 10th concert. Imagine my shock and surprise when I see it is not just a concert, but a freaking Supernatural etc. Convention! 

How did I not remember this? I voted to get Steve Carlson at this Convention and I totally forgot! 

It looks as though my friend and I will be attending the concert, I don't think we'll be going to any of the Convention events though. 

I am so hoping Jensen will join Steve on stage! =D

Anyway, I am truly astounded by my failing memory...

Out of curiosity is anyone who happens to read this going to the Convention? 

Happy Surprise!
So, every morning while I'm getting ready for class I turn either CMT or VH1 for music and background noise. This morning  I was surprised to see that CMT had become Carrie Music Television. They played only her videos for hours and her latest video "So Small" premiered and was played for a solid 20+ minutes over and over and over...

Why does this qualify as a Surprise? Especially considering that I'm not really a fan of Carrie? Well, Christian Kane was one of the three main characters in the video! H plays a Husband (or boyfriend) fighting with his Wife (or girlfriend).

Now I don't know if this was common knowledge and I was just somehow left in the dark but yeah I was surprised and silly happy to see Chris' face with the CMT logo in the corner...yeah I'm a Kane fan... =P

I watched "So Small" 7 times I think...half way through the 4th or 5th time I was forced to mute my TV for fear of my sanity...there's only so much Carrie I can take in a 10 minute time span!

So yeah this morning my surpise was seeing Christian Kane in a Country Music Video on CMT.....though sadly not singing...but of course he looked Freakin' HOT as always.

Oh yeah if anyone is reading this you can watch the video HERE!

I scare myself
So for the last few weeks I've been car shopping (yay me!) and every time I see the Miles Per Gallon on the car info it is written MPG and for some "unknown" reason my mind thinks MPreG....it automatically fills in the "re" so I would get this little chuckle when I read that part of the car info.

Then my dad (who was attempting to be a parent) took me to some used dealerships, when we found the car I wanted he asked Jim (car salesman) what the gas mileage was.

My mind flashed in bright red warning colors "Mpreg: read at own risk" and I started to laugh...which I quickly turned into a chuckle of excitement and then preceded to look like a crazy person...but that is par for the course. :P

Any-who I bought my dream car...don't laugh...a Ford Taurus Wagon...yup wagon! I wanted it for the ability to move large items without getting an SUV. :o) So I'm a happy camper!

And in case someone is actually reading this and is wondering, my car gets around 30 miles per gallon, or as my fanfic deranged mind thinks 30 mpreg which makes no sense whatsoever....

Yay, I scare myself sometimes.


Word to the Wise...
...Don NOT watch Food Network cake making challenges while reading Supernatural fics...

Last night I was watching the Challenge about making Disney princess character cakes while reading some SPN fics, then I went to sleep and lets just say the dream I had left me freaked out! In a funny way...


Sam and Dean were in a cake making contest, they were a team making a Xena cake...the dream is kinda fuzzy, but heres what I remember.

They didn't win, the Xena cake (which looked incredibly realistic, Dean is amazing with fondant, icing, and gold leaf) didn't make it to the table, her head fell off landing on Sam's head it was chocolate cake inside and even though the cake was mostly fondant he still had icing all over his hair and shoulders. They were disqualified and then they were magically back in one of the typical SPN motel rooms and Sam was crying and picking at a glass insert on the nightstand between the beds...Dean was asking what was wrong and Sam was like "I messed up we could have won!" Dean was just about to console his Sammy when Sam pushed up the glass top and started to pick it up when it slipped and broke making him cry harder...then my sister was shaking me awake...at 6:27AM to drive her lazy ass to work!

Dean making a cake=Scary
Dean making a full body Xena cake=FunE and totally Priceless

Yeah, sooo not mixing those two things again! I like my Winchester bad ass...not baking! :)

Earrings For Sale!
Hi everyone,

My name is Deese, I've been making and selling jewelry for just over 4 years. I sell at a few stores near campus and have used eBay in the past but got tired of the fees...so I'm here! I hope my LJ experience is better then my previous online sales attempts. :o)

If you see something you want leave a comment or email me at deese.schrock@gmail.com with the earring number example: E01.

My earrings are one of a kind unless otherwise stated.

S/H is a flat rate of $3 a pair +$0.50 for each additional pair.

White cotton lined gift box available for $0.75.

Click my logo below to see pictures below...I apologize for the picture quality, I cannot get my camera to work so I resorted to scanning. I will be updating with better pictures soon.

my life...
i have finished the paper! at 6:04PM now i get to read for about ten minutes before i have to go to class and suffer through and hour and forty-five minutes of corrections... :(....but hey! still i'm DONE! YAY!